Some Frequently Asked Questions about EventLoud Loops

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What are Loops?

Loops are communities of people who share a common activity interest centered at their favorite venue for that activity.  A Loop consists of all the people that have attended events at that venue or are interested in the activities at the venue.


How can I find Loops?

When you visit the EventLoud discovery page, you will see a map showing the location of all the Loops in your area. By clicking on the Loop icon you get the preview of the Loop including its name, venue’s picture, total number of Loop members and a preview of some of the members. By exploring further, you will be able to see all the profiles of all the members of that Loop.


How do I join a Loop?

Once you attend an Event at a Venue using EventLoud and you will become a member automatically. Or you can elect to join the Loop manually.


I’m a member of a Loop, now what?

As a member of a Loop you will be able to chat with your fellow Loop members and organize your get-togethers. You will be notified about new chats as well as any new exciting events created at the Venue. You will also be notified of any special Treats offered at that Venue.


What are EventLoud Treats?

Treats are special deals, promotions, events, etc. created by Venue owners and listed on EventLoud. As a member of a Loop, you will be the first to hear about Treats at the Venues you care about the most.


How will Loops be useful to me?

Loops can be a great way to meet new people and learn about new activities in which you are interested.  For example, you may be interested in trying a new activity like dancing and you are thinking of taking some lessons. You can easily find a Loop associated with a dance studio via a direct search. Once you join the Loop, you start connecting with people who have expressed the same interest in dancing. Some will be active members of the dance studio, while others will have a general interest in dancing. Through Loop chats you’ll be able get advice on the studio as well as get to know some of the other members of the Loop. At some point, you may receive a notification that the studio has posted a Treat: an open House event for new students. You see that other Loop members are attending, including some people you know from chats. So you decide to join the fun with them. When you go to the event you’ll have the opportunity to meet your fellow Loop members in person, and dance with them all within a hosted social environment.


Are Loops available now?

Loops will be up and running in a few weeks, but you can still start using EventLoud now to create and organize events with your friends. As soon as Loops is introduced you will already be a member of Loops of venues where you have joined events on EventLoud in the past. So get in the Loop now!

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