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What are you this Halloween?

October 28, 2011


It’s Halloween again!!! Party like crazy guys! Go crazy! So what are you gonna be this time? I was at a dance party last night and there were plenty of sexy cats, scary wolfs and red riding hoods. If you think you have the best, I mean THE BEST costume, perhaps you should join the […]

Meet 2.0!

October 24, 2011


It’s been five months since we last released an update of our app. This has been the biggest release we’ve ever released and it’s packed with exciting features that we believe will provide true values to our users. With this 2.0 release, EventLoud is redirecting its focus to help our users interact with each other […]

EventLoud Needs Your Help!!!

May 3, 2011


EventLoud has entered MassChallenge startup competition. And a big part of the competition is our application rating. If you think EventLoud is awesome, if you think EventLoud has potential, please help us vote 5 stars for EventLoud If you are an endorser, please help us with your precious endorsements! We appreciate your support and […]

Verizon 4G LTE Mifi 4510L vs Samsung SCH-LC11

April 21, 2011


Recently I signed up for the Verizon 4G LTE mobile hotspot service, since my AT&T iPhone 4 tethering is basically slow as dead. Here’s my thoughts. I signed up last week, so I got the only option, which is the Samsung SCH-LC11. I’m not doing a product review here, so let me jump to the […]

Complete Facebook OAuth Workflow

April 20, 2011


For EventLoud version 1.7.6, I implemented the one-click-join feature that allows new users to seamlessly signup with EventLoud via Facebook and respond to an event invitation with just a single click! Here’s how it’s done. 1. Redirect user to Facebook OAuth with a base 32 encoded callback. APPID is your Facebook app ID. PERMISSIONS […]

How to Setup Apache Forwarding to Tomcat (Run Tomcat on Port 80)

April 20, 2011


Recently I finalized EventLoud’s API, and this is one of the technical findings I would like to share with you guys. EventLoud uses a Java (Axis2) based REST API that runs on Tomcat6. As you know, running Tomcat6 using root access on port 80 is a big NO NO, then how do you create your […]

EventLoud v1.7.6

April 20, 2011


After three weeks of hard work, EventLoud v1.7.6 is finally done and submitted to Apple for review. The reason why it took so long to push out this new version is due to the API finalization process. This is a move I’ve been pushing off for a long time. But since the application is stable […]

Exercise with Friends, Win iPod Nano with Nike+

April 1, 2011


With the spring among us and Boston Marathon 2011 happening on the 18th of this sunny April, EventLoud and MamboWalk are co-hosting a contest for social exercising! Simply signup with EventLoud, post your exercises as events, then invite all your workout friends to get in shape together! At the end of April, we’ll pick the […]

Private Events, Friends Invitation, and Awesome Prize!

March 30, 2011


EventLoud v1.6.5 is now live on the App Store! With this new version, the following features have been added: 1. Invitation-only events! Now you can post private invitation-only events for just your close friends. Poker night, movie night, and any close friends get-togethers! Only friends you invite, either via Facebook or Email can see and […]

Where are the True Angel Investors?

February 19, 2011


EventLoud is at the stage where it needs some funding to execute its marketing campaign. However, I’ve been having quite some trouble finding an investor/angel to provide the initial 10k to 20k marketing funding. From what I’ve found and read online, it seems like there are only two kinds of investors right now. The incubators […]


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