Meet 2.0!

Posted on October 24, 2011 by


It’s been five months since we last released an update of our app. This has been the biggest release we’ve ever released and it’s packed with exciting features that we believe will provide true values to our users.

With this 2.0 release, EventLoud is redirecting its focus to help our users interact with each other in the real-world and establish relationships thereafter. We believe that online social networking tools should be fun to use and most importantly, provide a way to allow people to get offline and have fun! We want to help our users break the ice of interacting with each other by connecting people at sociable and fun events. We want to help you find your best buddies for your crazy hobby or your Mr/Ms Right. So with this 2.0 release, EventLoud is now, the sweetest and most fun way to meet amazing people!

Meet people! Meet amazing people who are crazy about just what you love to do! See someone interesting? Go meet him or her at fun events within a sociable setting! Find your new best buddies for your own hobby. Or perhaps even meet that special someone you’ve been looking for😉

Discover fun! Discover a whole world of fun activities on EventLoud! Clubbing, dancing, bowling, movie nights, book club, rock climbing or whatever you are into! Maybe even discover a new exciting hobby! Join EventLoud, then go out and discover fun right where you are!

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