What are you this Halloween?

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It’s Halloween again!!! Party like crazy guys! Go crazy! So what are you gonna be this time? I was at a dance party last night and there were plenty of sexy cats, scary wolfs and red riding hoods.

If you think you have the best, I mean THE BEST costume, perhaps you should join the Gypsy Bar Boston Halloween Costume Ball on EventLoud this Saturday. The costume contest has a winning prize of $1000!!! That’s gotta be enough to pay for all the costumes for the next 10 years lol! Here’s the event detail:
Sat Oct 29 2011 09:00 PM to Sun Oct 30 2011 02:00 AM
Gypsy is having an awesome Halloween costume ball this Saturday. The best costume winner can win $1000 prize!!!

Join us at Gypsy Bar this Saturday!

The sweetest and most fun way to meet amazing people!

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